A Shamanistic Approach to Mental Illness

Jez Hughes attends Changing Times to explore the topic of shamanistic mental health and awareness. He covers how traditional shamans undergo years of mental distress as part of their initiation and sees how their approach can be applied to help heal the current surge of mental health issues in the West

The Covid Egregore

A short piece about COVID-19 inspired by an article from the September 2020 edition of Nexus magazine titled, 'The Occult Power of Egregores'. 

A Foolish Panic by Peter Hitchens

The Information reads an article by journalist Peter Hitchens on the current situation with the Coronavirus and the UK lockdown measures.

Original article can be read here

The Dangers of 5G and Wireless Technology

Royal Society of Medicine member Alan Cooke takes a look at the new 5G mobile phone technology and the effects the implementation of this could have on health along with existing wireless technologies

Recorded at Changing Times

The Threats of 5G

Peter Poole speaks to Elena and Tony, two campaigners against the planned rollout of 5G communications technology. Recorded in Hove, East Sussex, on Wednesday May 15th 2019.

Multidimensional Consciousness

Remote viewer and out-of-body explorer Todd Acamesis attends Changing Times to discuss the single biggest revelation of all time: the systematic suppression of Multidimensional Reality and Multidimensional Consciousness. 

Through the Trees

Peter Poole visits an area of woodland near Brighton, East Sussex, and reflects on how traffic noise changes his perception of the place. Recorded on Sunday May 1st 2016.

When We Look Up

Peter Poole speaks to a campaigner opposed to climate engineering, having observed chemicals being deliberately sprayed into the skies of south-east England. Recorded on Friday August 21st 2015.

The Astrology Of Rebellion

British astrologer and shaman Jez Hughes explores the nature of rebellion, what purpose it serves and how it can function and be expressed in both a healthy and not so healthy way. Held at Changing Times, June 2015.

Stop Smart Meters

Peter Poole reads from a leaflet opposing the installation of smart meters in the UK, published by Stop Smart Meters.

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