Exploring Flat Earth

An interview with retired Brighton based artist and researcher Dave Patchett on his views regarding Flat Earth theory and the fake nature of space travel footage

A Shamanistic Approach to Mental Illness

Jez Hughes attends Changing Times to explore the topic of shamanistic mental health and awareness. He covers how traditional shamans undergo years of mental distress as part of their initiation and sees how their approach can be applied to help heal the current surge of mental health issues in the West

Aliens on the Moon

Researcher Neil Geddes Ward returns to Changing Times to examine the idea of extra-terrestrials inhabiting our nearest celestial neighbour. 


Prior to this lecture, Neil Geddes Ward last attended Changing Times in 2017 to discuss his encounters with other-worldly creatures and spectral beings. His talk from then can be found here 

Marching for Austria

We join the latest London protest against vaccination mandates, passports, and the imposition of Draconian laws in Austria

9/11: The Search for Truth and Justice

Matt Campbell, whose brother Geoff died in the twin towers, attends Changing Times to present a personal account of his legal action in the UK and US to achieve justice for Geoff, as he believes the evidence overwhelmingly shows that the destruction of the twin towers was caused by explosives and incendiaries.


The talk is preceded by a presentation by Andy Thomas covering a general round up of events around 9/11 and the various related conspiracy theories.


Prior to this lecture, Matt Campbell last attended Changing Times in 2015. His talk from then can be found here 


Protest Follow Up

By way of a follow up to our last episode, some thoughts and reflections on the momentous anti lockdown protest that took place in London on April 24th 2021

London against Lockdown

We report live from London as the latest anti lockdown protest makes its way through Oxford Street and eventually concludes at Hyde Park

Signs From Beyond

Our father, Michael, passed away peacefully on New Year's Day. In this episode, I reflect on his life and discuss some subtle signs received indicating some otherworldly communication.

Speaking My Truth

Kerry Robinson relates her shocking experiences in Brighton at the hands of local Satanists, recorded in Hove on Saturday November 7th 2020.

Lockdown Returns

A few days after the second English coronavirus lockdown begins, protestors gather on Hove seafront on Saturday November 7th 2020.

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