The Force Eroded

Martin Poole gives his take on the latest Star Wars movie and how its failings are tied in with an ever increasing climate of progressive politics.


Update from The Information

More content to come soon from The Information! We are busy working on a new edition of the printed version of The Information zine! More details to follow soon. 

We also hope to upload more audio in the near future too.

Peter and Martin Poole. 

The Crop Circles of 2017

Andy Thomas, author of the acclaimed crop circle guides ‘Vital Signs’ and ‘An Introduction to Crop Circles’, gives a comprehensive round-up of the crop formations of the 2017 season, both in the UK and overseas.


Visit to view the crop formations discussed in this episode.


The History of Christmas

Conspiracies and mysteries researcher Andy Thomas discusses the history of Christmas and how the festive period has evolved over time. Held at Changing Times.


Britain and Europe: Problem and Solution

Historian and Steiner scholar Terry Boardman attends Changing Times to discuss Britain's relationship with the EU. Hosted by Andy Thomas.


The Sounds of the 90s

Straight from the dusty archives, a selection of interesting audio snippets recorded via a scanning radio from the late 1990s


Visiting Grenfell

Peter and Martin Poole discuss their visit to Grenfell Tower, London, on Sunday July 30th 2017, following the devastating fire of June 13th.


Austerity in Retreat

Peter and Martin Poole attend an anti-austerity march on Saturday July 1st 2017, which includes Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn condemning the causes and effects of the Grenfell fire.


Grenfell: A Follow Up

A follow up episode on the tragic Grenfell Tower fire.


The Grenfell Tower Fire

Thoughts on the tragic and scandalous Grenfell Tower fire