Experiments with Orgonite

Martin Poole speaks with investigative journalist Mark Bennett about his experiments with Orgonite and using it to aid the growth process of vegetables. These trials revealed startling results demonstrating that 'orgone' energy may have a very real effect.

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Fighting Fluoride

Peter Poole reads a letter sent to HM The Queen, asking her to oppose the government's plan for water fluoridation.

A Natural Food Forest

Martin Poole is once again joined by researcher Alan Brown, who discusses his aim of setting up a self-sufficient and collective natural food forest outside of the system's grip.

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How To Be Self-Sufficient

Martin Poole is joined by researcher Alan Brown, who discusses practical ways to become more self-sufficient.Topics include 'black mica', water purity, and free energy.

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Etheric Gateways

Christian Kyriacou, the 'House Whisperer' and subtle energy consultant, discusses his work with the energy of architectural geometry and how it has an impact on our everyday lives. Recorded at the Changing Times meeting in Burgess Hill, England.

The Fractured Greens

Nigel Furness expresses his concerns on hydraulic fracturing after seeing the film Gaslands, before a wider critique of the Green Party. Recorded at the Sussex Cricketer pub, Hove, on January 23rd 2013.

Fluoride - The Protected Poison

In this special guest edition, Jim Ronan of Solutions Radio, Ireland, interviews Walter Graham about the dangers and myths of water fluoridation.

Technocratic Times

Peter Poole explains how modern technology and control systems are affecting every part of our daily lives.

Richard Dufton: A Free Thinker - Part Nine

The final part of an interview with Richard Dufton. In this episode, the Baron talks about his passion for geology, stresses the importance of knowledge, and mentions some methods to tackle pollution.

Fluoride and Labour

Expert campaigner Gary Kemp bullhorns the UK New Labour Party on the Fluoride issue during the Brighton Conference of late 2004.

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