In Lockdown

Peter and Martin Poole discuss the Coronavirus lockdown measures currently in place in the UK

A Foolish Panic by Peter Hitchens

The Information reads an article by journalist Peter Hitchens on the current situation with the Coronavirus and the UK lockdown measures.

Original article can be read here


INFO BULLETIN: Hi! Hope you're all doing as best you can. We are working on issue #8 of the magazine with an article on, sigh, a certain virus that's gone viral. I feel like an old-school news editor tearing up the type and saying "Hold the front page!" It might have to be just an electronic PDF, I will see how the situation is in early April when it's due out.

Brexit Day

Thoughts on Brexit Day as the Leave Means Leave rally kicks off in London

Christmas Wishes

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the Information! Stay tuned for more content, and edition 9 of our magazine is in the works!

A Christmas Election

Peter and Martin Poole join the general election count at the Brighton Centre, England, in the early hours of Friday December 13th 2019.

Information zine #8

Update! We will be putting out The Information zine #8 in January 2020. Any attempt to write an article on Brexit has been a waste of time given all the ins & outs, so we will most likely not feature that at all. Any feedback or letters welcome up to around early Jan for possible inclusion.

Email us: here

The Dangerous Musician

Piers Adams, leading international recorder player, explores the essential role of musicians in society as mavericks, tricksters and purveyors of arcane knowledge.

Recorded at Changing Times.

You can find out more about Piers Adams and his albums at his website here

The Dangers of 5G and Wireless Technology

Royal Society of Medicine member Alan Cooke takes a look at the new 5G mobile phone technology and the effects the implementation of this could have on health along with existing wireless technologies

Recorded at Changing Times

The Threats of 5G

Peter Poole speaks to Elena and Tony, two campaigners against the planned rollout of 5G communications technology. Recorded in Hove, East Sussex, on Wednesday May 15th 2019.

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