Marching for Austria

We join the latest London protest against vaccination mandates, passports, and the imposition of Draconian laws in Austria

9/11: The Search for Truth and Justice

Matt Campbell, whose brother Geoff died in the twin towers, attends Changing Times to present a personal account of his legal action in the UK and US to achieve justice for Geoff, as he believes the evidence overwhelmingly shows that the destruction of the twin towers was caused by explosives and incendiaries.


The talk is preceded by a presentation by Andy Thomas covering a general round up of events around 9/11 and the various related conspiracy theories.


Prior to this lecture, Matt Campbell last attended Changing Times in 2015. His talk from then can be found here 


Protest Follow Up

By way of a follow up to our last episode, some thoughts and reflections on the momentous anti lockdown protest that took place in London on April 24th 2021

London against Lockdown

We report live from London as the latest anti lockdown protest makes its way through Oxford Street and eventually concludes at Hyde Park

Lockdown Returns

A few days after the second English coronavirus lockdown begins, protestors gather on Hove seafront on Saturday November 7th 2020.

Trump Wins?

Thoughts on the 2020 US Election and how the count played out over the subsequent hours and days. 

Hove Protests Lockdown

Peter Poole joins a protest against the coronavirus lockdown on Hove seafront, led by Louise Creffield of a new group, Save Our Rights UK. Recorded on Monday May 25th 2020.

David Icke on London Real - Raw Audio

We tune into the livestream of David Icke being interviewed by Brian Rose on London Real. The following is a raw recording of the uncut audio of the entire 3 hour talk being shared to help spread the information.


Video is available to view at

In Lockdown

Peter and Martin Poole discuss the Coronavirus lockdown measures currently in place in the UK

A Foolish Panic by Peter Hitchens

The Information reads an article by journalist Peter Hitchens on the current situation with the Coronavirus and the UK lockdown measures.

Original article can be read here

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