Britain and Europe: Problem and Solution

Historian and Steiner scholar Terry Boardman attends Changing Times to discuss Britain's relationship with the EU. Hosted by Andy Thomas.

Visiting Grenfell

Peter and Martin Poole discuss their visit to Grenfell Tower, London, on Sunday July 30th 2017, following the devastating fire of June 13th.

A Hung Parliament

Thoughts on the General Election results in the UK as Theresa May gives a speech outside 10 Downing Street

Trump as President

Donald Trump becomes the 45th President of the United States... but how will things pan out? Some thoughts on this historic moment.

What is Pizzagate?

Martin Poole takes a look at Pizzagate. Fake news or something far more sinister?

Analysing Hyper Normalisation

Martin Poole gives his take on the recent documentary from Adam Curtis, Hyper Normalisation. Does it go far enough?

Thoughts on Rio

Martin Poole discusses the Rio Olympics and how the event has differed to London 2012. 

The Night Britain Left Europe

Peter Poole listens to radio coverage of Britain's referendum on remaining inside, or leaving, the European Union. Recorded overnight, Thursday June 23rd to Friday June 24th 2016.

EU Exposed

A double bill of Toyne Newton and Andy Thomas, presented at an intimate venue in Shoreham, West Sussex. Local author Toyne Newton unveils the arcane symbology of the EU, thinking outside the referendum box, while noted researcher Andy Thomas gives An English History of Freedom, taking in the Magna Carta, Thomas Paine, The Suffragettes and other movements.

A Leaflet From The Government

Martin Poole reads from an official government leaflet recently posted out to members of the public in the UK regarding the upcoming EU referendum.

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