EU Exposed

A double bill of Toyne Newton and Andy Thomas, presented at an intimate venue in Shoreham, West Sussex. Local author Toyne Newton unveils the arcane symbology of the EU, thinking outside the referendum box, while noted researcher Andy Thomas gives An English History of Freedom, taking in the Magna Carta, Thomas Paine, The Suffragettes and other movements.


The Real Economy

Film-maker and activist Ross Ashcroft explains the difference between a real and rent-seeking economy. Recorded at The 99% Festival, Synergy Centre, Brighton, on Sunday April 17th 2016.


A Leaflet From The Government

Martin Poole reads from an official government leaflet recently posted out to members of the public in the UK regarding the upcoming EU referendum.


Digital Graveyards

Martin Poole discusses a recent eerie live stream of a player returning to an seemingly abandoned MMO game from the 1990s.

Full story and link to video can be found here

Resigned in the Night

Peter Poole covers the resignation of Ian Duncan Smith from the UK Government, after a controversial budget, in the early hours of March 19th 2016.


Cuts on the Coast

A protest song stops the show as Peter Poole attends a meeting of Brighton & Hove City Council on Thursday Feb 25th 2016, where cuts and a tax rise are agreed.


Discussing a Basic Income

Peter Poole outlines the idea for a Basic Income scheme, where each citizen receives money from the state as an allowance, by right. He refers to a discussion on the subject, held in London on Thursday October 30th 2014.


Remembering Andy Robertson

Friends and family of noted science fiction editor Andy Robertson gather at the Westgate Chapel, Lewes, East Sussex, England, to remember his life. Recorded on Saturday July 11th 2015.


The Lost Cosmonauts

Did the USSR secretly sacrifice several of its cosmonauts at the height of the space race? The Lost Cosmonauts, from the book 100 Things They Don't Want You To Know by Daniel Smith. Read by Martin Poole. 


Merry Christmas from The Information

We hope you've enjoyed our output for 2015 and would like to wish our subscribers a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

As the currently fowl weather in the UK continues to dampen festive spirits, our thoughts go out those suffering in the Cumbrian floods. 

Peter and Martin Poole.