Opening The Doors of Perception

Author and consciousness researcher Anthony Peake attends Changing Times to discuss the nature of reality and how cutting edge physics proves we live inside a simulation

The Information - Issue 7

The Information - Issue 7 - is now available to download or purchase here:

The Information - Issue 7

Brexit Day

Peter and Martin Poole provide some thoughts live during the Brexit Day protests outside Parliament on what was meant to be the day the UK left the EU

Hitler In Ireland

Peter and Martin Poole speak to Michael Doherty, an Irishman with an extraordinary story to tell concerning the survival of Adolf Hitler, who is generally thought to have died as Berlin fell in 1945.

Michael Doherty's book on the subject, Persona Non Grata, can be purchased from Amazon here:

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from The Information

A belated Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from The Information!


We hope you've enjoyed our output for 2018. 


Peter and Martin Poole. 

Messages from Beyond

Dr Ian Rubenstein attends Changing Times to discuss his journey of strange synchronicities, ethereal entities and mediumship.

The Stonehenge Zodiac

Astrologer Fionn Rawnsley introduces the brand new discovery of what he calls The Stonehenge Zodiac, a vast astrological landscape surrounding the famous monument. Held at Changing Times.

Note: This talk was quite visual in nature. Unfortunately, no imagery is available online of the various maps etc discussed by the speaker. 

The Information Issue 5 and 6

A short episode announcing the release of The Information Issue 5 and 6 in original zine format. 

Available as either PDF or hard copy here:

The Information is back! Issue 5 now available

It's taken a while, but we have the magazine out! Hard copy and PDF versions available. You'll need to make a password to buy, but it's pretty straightforward - hopefully. A second one should be out next week.


The Information - issue 5

The Best of BUFOG

Leading ufologist Dave Hodrien attends Changing Times to cover some of the most stunning and interesting cases which have been reported to his Birmingham UFO Group (BUFOG) over the years.


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