The Information Issue 8: free download

For a limited time only, The Information issue 8 is available as a free PDF download. We have had a lot of issues getting this one out there and circulated so made the decision to make it free for a limited time instead of shelving it! Many topics covered including COVID-19, Aldous Huxley, and Isaac Kappy. Hope you enjoy! Link:


Update! A new link is now available here

The Information issue 8 now available for digital download!

The Information issue 8 is now available as a PDF download! Extra long issue, with a big article coming right up to date on COVID-19.


Just 96p to buy in the UK & your equivalent globally. A great read during lockdown! 


Update: Unfortunately, the issue was removed from the above link. We are currently looking into alternative ways to share the issue. Please get in touch if you are interested in obtaining a copy by mailing us here.


INFO BULLETIN: Hi! Hope you're all doing as best you can. We are working on issue #8 of the magazine with an article on, sigh, a certain virus that's gone viral. I feel like an old-school news editor tearing up the type and saying "Hold the front page!" It might have to be just an electronic PDF, I will see how the situation is in early April when it's due out.

Christmas Wishes

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the Information! Stay tuned for more content, and edition 9 of our magazine is in the works!

Information zine #8

Update! We will be putting out The Information zine #8 in January 2020. Any attempt to write an article on Brexit has been a waste of time given all the ins & outs, so we will most likely not feature that at all. Any feedback or letters welcome up to around early Jan for possible inclusion.

Email us: here

The Information - Issue 7

The Information - Issue 7 - is now available to download or purchase here:

The Information - Issue 7

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from The Information

A belated Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from The Information!


We hope you've enjoyed our output for 2018. 


Peter and Martin Poole. 

The Information is back! Issue 5 now available

It's taken a while, but we have the magazine out! Hard copy and PDF versions available. You'll need to make a password to buy, but it's pretty straightforward - hopefully. A second one should be out next week.


The Information - issue 5

Update from The Information

More content to come soon from The Information! We are busy working on a new edition of the printed version of The Information zine! More details to follow soon. 

We also hope to upload more audio in the near future too.

Peter and Martin Poole. 

Austerity in Retreat

Peter and Martin Poole attend an anti-austerity march on Saturday July 1st 2017, which includes Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn condemning the causes and effects of the Grenfell fire.

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