A Shamanistic Approach to Mental Illness

Jez Hughes attends Changing Times to explore the topic of shamanistic mental health and awareness. He covers how traditional shamans undergo years of mental distress as part of their initiation and sees how their approach can be applied to help heal the current surge of mental health issues in the West

Aliens on the Moon

Researcher Neil Geddes Ward returns to Changing Times to examine the idea of extra-terrestrials inhabiting our nearest celestial neighbour. 


Prior to this lecture, Neil Geddes Ward last attended Changing Times in 2017 to discuss his encounters with other-worldly creatures and spectral beings. His talk from then can be found here 

The Covid Egregore

A short piece about COVID-19 inspired by an article from the September 2020 edition of Nexus magazine titled, 'The Occult Power of Egregores'. 

Opening The Doors of Perception

Author and consciousness researcher Anthony Peake attends Changing Times to discuss the nature of reality and how cutting edge physics proves we live inside a simulation

Messages from Beyond

Dr Ian Rubenstein attends Changing Times to discuss his journey of strange synchronicities, ethereal entities and mediumship.

The Stonehenge Zodiac

Astrologer Fionn Rawnsley introduces the brand new discovery of what he calls The Stonehenge Zodiac, a vast astrological landscape surrounding the famous monument. Held at Changing Times.

Note: This talk was quite visual in nature. Unfortunately, no imagery is available online of the various maps etc discussed by the speaker. 

The Crop Circles of 2017

Andy Thomas, author of the acclaimed crop circle guides ‘Vital Signs’ and ‘An Introduction to Crop Circles’, gives a comprehensive round-up of the crop formations of the 2017 season, both in the UK and overseas.


Visit http://www.cropcircleconnector.com to view the crop formations discussed in this episode.

The Virtual Space

Martin Poole provides some thoughts on his recent introduction to Virtual Reality technology and touches on its paradigm shifting potential. 

(Apologies for the slight microphone issues throughout this episode)

Multidimensional Consciousness

Remote viewer and out-of-body explorer Todd Acamesis attends Changing Times to discuss the single biggest revelation of all time: the systematic suppression of Multidimensional Reality and Multidimensional Consciousness. 

Digital Graveyards

Martin Poole discusses a recent eerie live stream of a player returning to an seemingly abandoned MMO game from the 1990s.

Full story and link to video can be found here
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