Royal Wedding Special: The Occult History of the Windsors

A special episode of The Information to mark the Royal Wedding to be held on Friday 29th April 2011.

Terry Liddle of the South London Republican Forum explores some alleged connections between the British Royal Family, Freemasonry, Jack the Ripper and the death of Princess Diana. Recorded at the Anarchist Heretics Fair, Brighton, on Saturday May 6th 2000.


Happy Easter from The Information!

In this recording, Astrological Consultant John Green speaks about Synchronicity at the Changing Times group meeting held in Burgess Hill, England, on March 15th 2011.

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None Of The Above

Nigel Furness speaks to Peter Poole about a recent UFO sighting in Hove, south-east England, before relating two earlier incidents of a similar nature.

The Truth Agenda Part 2

A lecture recorded in Brighton on March 15th 2011. Mysteries researcher Andy Thomas talks about the various Conspiracy theories surrounding the Apollo Moon Landings, 9/11 truth, and recent Solar activity. (Part 2 of 2).

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